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Click for people page. This is artwork in stained glass. He does extremely beautiful work.

Click for doors page. These are entry way doors, cabinet doors, and side panels for doors. Very amazing talent.

Click for windows page. The light that shines through the glass is often very interesting, and incredibly pretty.

Etched glass
Click for etched glass page. Most etching is done by sand blasting. A few projects involve acids.

Stock items
Click for stock items page. The stock items tend to change throught the months as supplies dwindle, and popularities change.

Leaded glass
Click for leaded glass page. Leaded glass does not mean the glass is full of lead, rather that lead is used to hold the glass in place. Stained glass is a form of leaded glass for example.

Click for Mirrors page. You can customize your own mirror, or any other type of project for that matter. He can often duplicate from a photo or drawing also.

Click for tables page. Glass tables, tables with glass in them.

Catalogue of etch designs

Click this to view glass types

Videos of work in progress

Nation wide shipping
Prices are by the square foot except for stock items
Orders can be paid for by check, money order, or C.O.D.
Tempering available on some types
Colored glass available (shades do not always match)

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Sticks cabinetry and woodworking
click for sticks cabinets. Nordic has taken care of all my glass needs for over 2 decades.